Lookism Discrimination In Society

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Lookism has always been an issue in our society whether you’re with or against it; nevertheless arbitrating anyone according to physical features they had no control over is totally absurd. Lookism is discrimination against or prejudice towards someone based on physical appearance. All types of discrimination usually affect people negatively no matter what your age is, you probably have encountered it before, maybe bullied when you were young, getting a different treatment from your siblings by strangers, and maybe even suffering to get a job due to your look. All these life experiences have a tendency of initiating an emotional breakdown at some point. Despite the fact that lookism is widespread nowadays and people tend to appear as physically glamorous as possible through attaining plastic surgeries or excessive amount of makeup, it has negative causes and must be terminated, Judging people according to their physical appearance causes several psychological problems as well as it creates a gap in society, and finally results in cultural dilemma. A lot of people may think that lookism is a must nowadays in several industries, it might be a way of grabbing a supporter or an opponents ' attention to that concept but deep inside they clearly know it 's wrong. Lookism is applied in some job interviews where they look for the company 's good image which revolves around the physical appearance. Several companies around the world require a picture in people resumes, otherwise it

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