Lookout Scholars Scholarship

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Having the unique perspective of an immigrant, who has had to overcome numerous obstacles to become integrated into American society while maintaining my roots, has motivated me to make the most of my education. Thus, being surrounded by and working alongside like-minded, driven individuals with differing, yet relatable backgrounds excites me, and I know that I will have this opportunity as a member of the Lookout Scholars Program. To be in an environment with other first-generation college students who understand the significance of their education and truly appreciate the opportunities allowed to them will be motivational and inspiring. I believe engaging in a stimulating and encouraging cohort with students who desire to be challenged in …show more content…

Therefore, I am eager to have the opportunity to learn from a support network of peers and mentors that are dedicated to Lookout Scholars. Reflecting on my background as an immigrant and witnessing the opportunities that I have as a first-generation college student, I realize how vital it is to be both humble and eager to learn from others who can impart their wisdom, while also equipping myself to be a leader and to share my knowledge with others. Thus, being mentored by a Carolina Firsts Advocate and guided by the Lookout Scholars Director will allow me to make the most of my education by gaining the insight, knowledge, and experience that I can one day impart with others who have similar backgrounds to …show more content…

Remembering how long and uncertain our journey has been, from leaving our hometown and family sixteen years ago, to obtaining green cards, to years spent saving enough money to afford citizenship, I realize all that my parents have sacrificed to create a promising life for me. Thus, I have decided to never let past obstacles prevent me from creating a successful future. Reflecting on the reasons as to why my family moved half way across the world—the high crime rate, insufficient job openings, and no real opportunities for improvement, allows me to realize that attending a college in the United States is the key to making those dreams a reality—dreams of safety, opportunity, and success. Being a first-generation college student means that I have the opportunity to make my parents proud, honor their sacrifices, and give back to the country that has given me a new identity and allowed me the opportunity to improve my

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