Loophole Of Retreat Harriet Davis Analysis

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During the years in her grandmother’s garret, Harriet Jacobs’s unique struggles provided her with a distinct perspective on her society. Jacobs’ marginalization granted her the ability to turn the weapon of her oppression into a tool to better herself. Her “Loophole of retreat” was a way in which she viewed the power dynamic in the south from outside of the role of a slave. These factors played integral roles in Jacobs ' survival by providing her with the resources necessary to control her environment. ` . To be marginalized is to be treated as insignificant, which can serve to be a double edged sword that can serve the oppressor or the oppressed. Her marginalization allowed her to beg her grandmother “(Jacobs 116) not to allow her children to be impertinent to the irascible old man”. Her marganizalition aided her because her unimportance drastically reduced the rate at which people searched for her. This ability to go undetected not only protected her but when used resourcefully allowed her to protect her children from potential danger. Jacobs’ conviction and intuition allowed her to transform her grim predicament in order to find the silver lining.…show more content…
This knowledge provided her with a much better understanding of the power struggles the south was facing. When her son was speaking to Dr. Flint regarding his mother and proclaimed “if you put her in jailed, or tell her you’ll cut her head off, I’ll tell her to go right back”(Jacobs 117) she was able to see the new power dynamics. For Jacobs freedom was defined by her piece of mind and this piece of mind was reliant on the well-being of her children. A glimpse into the lives of her children and the manner in which power was now fluctuating, in even the smallest amounts, granted her the strength to
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