Loophole To Tolerance Research Paper

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Loophole to Acceptance As a college student, there are several moments where I wanted my mind to do nothing, and be un-occupied from all the thoughts in my head so I can be in a relaxed state of mind. Imagine my surprise as my professor assigns the class to do nothing for ten minutes and write about it; my first thought was "how does she expect us to produce something without doing anything? This is pointless." Although I did not understand the reason of this experiment in the beginning, it allowed me to see my comfort bubble as I questioned why I did the things I did. I believe this experiment started when my professor planted this "un-occupied, un-employed" thought in my head. In this pre-experiment phase, I had a blind vision. We as students are trained to hypostasize before an experiment but as much as I wanted to predict what was going to…show more content…
I realized "through the knowledge that I was learning" I created a loophole to be "un-occupied, un-employed" while still possessing social acceptance. (cite) One of the things I did that made it okay for me to be "unoccupied, unemployed" was the fact that I had my earphones on. The music was not on and I can hear the same if I did not have them on, but the fact they were in my ear created the illusion that I was doing something. Barry Alfonso mentions human thoughts define how they perceive things, which influence their experience. (cite) This leads me to my comfort limit. Although I wanted my friend there to keep track of time, I concluded that subconsciously her presents gave me comfort. I am the type of person who does not usually care about what people think; I say and do things I believe in because I can justify my actions or words. In this case, my job is to do nothing and I cannot explain why I am doing nothing so my friend being there gives me comfort that at least one person know why I am doing
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