Loose Vs Loose Interpretation Essay

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Loose Versus Strict Interpretation The constitution today is used in a loose interpretation. Although it is questioned by many Democratic republicans who believe that the constitution should be interpreted in a stricter manner. While the Federalists debate the government should have a loose construction. Both parties fear that the united states will be in danger without their views. Who came up with these vastly different views of government, you might ask. Hamilton and Jefferson both important figures to the president Washington, with roles as secretary of treasury and secretary of state. Secretary of treasury (Hamilton) is in charge of the money for the entire country. Secretary of State (Thomas Jefferson) is responsible for foreign…show more content…
Hamilton was not born in the united states so had previously lived in monarchy which may have influenced his decision and beliefs. Although later in life he moved to New york and was elected to congress, then later secretary of treasury. Many others who agreed with him made a political party called federalists. Both parties believe in liberty, but where they differ is how much liberty should be in the government. What is liberty you might ask. Liberty is being free of restrictions that is set on you for certain beliefs, groups. For example, in California if a frog dies during a jumping contest you can not eat it. That is a restriction has to be payed to enforce. Although it might have seemed reasonable at the time to keep competitors from other frogs in the contest , it now it can give you a chuckle when you read it.
In Arizona no one can feed garbage to pigs without obtaining a permit witch needs a yearly renewal. In Arkansas A pinball machine can 't give more than 25 free games to a player who continues to win. In Hawaii billboards are banned with only 18 exceptions. In Indiana liquor stores can’t sell cooled soda or water, but they can sell uncooled soda. In fact, they can 't sell milk either. In Iowa anyone trying to pass of margin as real butter is guilty of a

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