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Human Resource Suggestions for Loot Crate Neha Kongara Heng Chi Tse An, Chien California Lutheran University Introduction The company that we found called Loot Crate, which is founded in 2012. It is the worldwide leader in fan subscription boxes. The products of this company are monthly boxes of gaming related merchandise. Loot crate partners with industry leaders in entertainment, gaming, sports, and pop culture to deliver monthly themed crates, produce interactive experiences and digital content, and film original video productions. (Loot Crate, n.d.) It is a company that when the customers subscribed them on the internet, they would send the crate, which includes some product of comic, sport or video games, to the customer’s monthly. It is like a monthly magazine. The customers could get the goods that they wish every month. It generally has three steps for making a crate. 1. Pick your crate: whether you’re a gamer, anime fan or pop culture aficionado, they’ve got a crate for you. 2. Exclusive item: they make a bundle of collectibles, apparel, figures & more that you can’t get anywhere else. 3. Unbox a surprise: crates get delivered to your door every month. What you get is a surprise until you open it. (Loot Crate, n.d.) Role of Human Resources Our area…show more content…
The problem can be clearly expressed as “Two senior executives came an eyelash away from fighting, not with foam darts, but with fists,” (Loot Crate, 2018). The conflict in the workplace is most common when the employees of the company are from different sectors, different backgrounds or when a company has employees from different working experiences. The conflicts can be like harassment, discrimination, criminal actions or illegal activities. These conflicts are so dangerous to the company and so should be recognized and resolved and there are also many ways to solve them

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