Lor D Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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In order to survive, people will do things they wouldn’t normally do or will go to great lengths to do what is necessary to. People will do anything to save themselves rather than trying to save others. Also, things that people will do is they will try to harm you or kill you to survive. People really do take these things serious and you never know how far you are willing to go until you are actually put in that situation. People will do anything to save themselves rather than trying to save everybody else. For example, in a story I read it tells about a man who had took a boat by himself to get off of a sinking ship. Afterwards, the man was called names such as a coward and things because he saved himself. This man was put into a situation in which he had…show more content…
There was a lot to consider he had to think, what if I do save these people then what, will I live, what if I die trying to save there life. Sometimes your survival instinct doesn’t kick in right away and you must do whatever is necessary to save yourself. Another thing people will do in order to survive is they will kill you or harm you. For example, in the novel Lor d Of The Flies by W illiam Golding, the children were stranded on an island and they were faced with many different situations where they had to decide to help themselves or others. Jack and his hunters snuck into where Ralph, Piggy and the others where and started fighting them and attacking them in their sleep so they could get Piggy’s glasses to lit the fire so they could have meat. They caused Piggy to get hurt along with the others and now Piggy can’t see. They are willing to do this to the people they are stranded on this island with rather than
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