Lorax And Antem Alike: Movie Analysis

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Why are the Lorax and Antem Alike The jeanra dystopian reminders kids of there own lives and these two examples will show you how they relate. The Lorax is a movie about a town named Thleed Ville and they have a lack of air so they have cans of air and air purifiers to clean the air because there are no trees. All the trees in the town were plastic and all the grass and everything that was natural is fake. All of the people in Thleed ville think the place the place is great but really they have poor air conditions and a short guy runs everything and does not let them go past the big wall they are surrounded by. The next story Is Anthem by Ayn Rand Anthem is a story about a boy named Equality 7-2521 and they have set jobs at the…show more content…
Also in the movie the boy had to play games with his grandma and his mom, I think some kids could relate to this because every kid is forced to do things they don't want to do. In the movie he was spacing out about this girl he liked all of the time and then he lied to his mom about what he was thinking about, this relates with kids lives because all kids are lying to their parents sometime or another. In the story there was a huge wall that no one was allowed to cross over and the boy did it anyway and then he got in trouble be the short guy that ran Thleed Ville found out he left the town and he got in big trouble, people can relate to this because everyone does things that we are not suppose to do for no…show more content…
One thing both stories had in common were they both had a forbidden area. In the Lorax where the guy that made the thleeds lived was out of city limits and if you were caught out of there you would get in trouble, in anthem there was the forbidden forest and no one was allowed to go there. Also both stories had something you were not allowed to speak about. In The Lorax if you talked about trees the short guy would talk to you and you would get in trouble, in Anthem if you talked about the unmentionable times you would get sent to the house of detention. Also both stories there was one kid that wanted to change everything and they worked long and hard to achieve the right thing for the people. Now you can see how both The Lorax and Anthem can relate to a teens life and some of the similarities between the two. Teens like these movies because it relate to their home lives and it is something they can relate to any other time. Also Anthem showed if you work for something the best will somehow will work for you. In The Lorax the boy showed if you believe in something than stick with it and don't give up. Now you can see how the Lorax and anthem real ate a little

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