Character Analysis: Lord And Lady Capulet

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Lord and Lady Capulet The reason as to why I have chosen this group of people is because they were the ones that were very pushy and cruel of Juliet, whereas Lord and Lady Montague did not act this way to Romeo. Lord and Lady Capulet regarded their daughter as a possession, and controlled her and make choices for her for their benefits. An example is when later on in the book when Juliet refuses to marry Paris, Lord Capulet said Juliet will either marry him or Lord Capulet will disown her. The feelings that Lord Capulet expresses to the outside world is much different than his underlying feelings. For example, he says, “My will to her consent is but a part. An she agreed within her scope of choice, lies my consent and fair according voice”…show more content…
How I was effective in using this strategy was that I made sure that I knew who I was defending, my reasons and I knew the main points, ideas and the moral of the play. This allowed me to know my reasons and understand how I could respond to a question when posed, even if I don't have direct quotes from the book, I was able to remember the key parts in the scenes to refer back to. This correlates to using appropriate vocabulary. How I know that this strategy was effective is since I remember some of the key terms used in the book and also since I referred to the modern English when reading and analyzing, I was able to use that vocabulary as well. Another speaking strategy I used really well in the trial was speaking in a good rhythm, so I was not to fast or slow. How I knew that this was effective was by me speaking at an acceptable pace allowed either the defenders or prosecutors to understand the point I was creating so I didn't have to constantly have to repeat my question or defense and that I don’t look anxious by talking too fast, but also that the audience doesn’t doubt my understanding of the book by speaking slowly, so having the proper pace allows me to speak naturally and show emotions. Speaking in a good rhythm allowed me to have clarity and use enunciation as well as emphasize words that I wanted to stand out the prosecutors/defenders or audience. Another strategy applied was that I used proper posture. To be more specific I was facing the people I was talking to and was not fidgeting. How this was effective during the trial is because I kept my body to the people I was talking and sending my point to. I was not speaking to the audience as that is not who I was a defending or prosecuting. Lastly, I believe that I used a loud and clear voice so that everyone can hear my point and understanding what my point is trying to convey. How I knew this was
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