Lord Ballister Blackheart: The Unsung Hero

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Lord Ballister Blackheart: The Unsung Hero British novelist J.K Rowling bestseller series, Harry Potter, introduce Muggle readers to the magical world of the boy who lived attending Hogwarts with countless twisted plots and characters. Professor Severus Snape was the mysterious inhospitable complex character center for his alliances with the main antagonist Lord Voldemort and headmaster Albus Dumbledore. In the seventh and final book, The Deathly Hallows, a dying Snape passes his memories to Harry to view in the Pensieve that revealed he was a secret double agent for both; but loyal to Dumbledore for the love of Harry’s mother Lily (Deathly Hallows 2011). Realizing how much Snape sacrifice would make him the unsung hero. Noelle Stevenson’s…show more content…
In the final chapter the demonic dragon Nimona is causing rampage to the city as Goldenlion and Blackheart devise a plan to help.G.L decide to kill the demonic half but B.H insist by talking will calm her down and use Dr. Blitzmeyer’s device to temporarily shut down her powers (Stevenson 206-217). Blackheart’s opinion strongly show how much he grew care and the impact in his life.Before he was heistatant in trust however Nimona was inspiration of his former self with ambition. In return he was a parent since he felt sympathy for her false tragic. Furthermore he’s trying to be a hero because he can see the darkness inside and wants her to know that someone loves you. The relationship is the nature of Blackheart humanity to others even as a villain. Thus Nimona demonstrates adversity in villain Blackheart however in a prospective hero quality in liberty and compassion. The insitution unbeknowns, he succed a plan which led to their downfall. Without the secret affair between Goldenlion the society would be in a peasant and ruler government. The father/ daughter bond between Nimona and Blackheart was a great example of the greater impact it had in the future.Stevenson use the traditional hero vs villain but it also the greymatter beyond the eye. Nimona moral of Blackheart is all people are born different and face adversity but it don’t dictate who we
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