Lord Capulet Is To Blame In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Innocent area such as Romeo and Juliet's there are many different people that can be blamed for the tragedy, in this case the main person to blame is Lord Capulet. You may not agree now but by the end of the reading of this you will see my reason and hopefully great. Often times people will dismiss Capulet's actions without given a second thought plainly because there's not enough evidence and/or reasoning to back up this claim. Or Capulet is one of the most close minded and stubborn characters within the story. To begin, or Capulet had little to no respect for women. Just within the first act he calls his wife a hoe. In the fourth act of the play Capulet yells at his wife and just about hits Juliet. This makes him responsible because if he actually would have listened and understood that and Juliet wouldn't feel the need to fake…show more content…
Him being the head of the Capulet household, he could've set an example I told his house to ignore rather than fight the Montagues. It demonstrates just a small example of how he keeps the few to live in the first act by him pulling out his sword at the first sign of trouble with Montague. However it can be argued that fire Lawrence was responsible for their deaths. It may seem like this is true until you actually look into it. The biggest piece of evidence is that he married them to in the future then he help Julia figure death so they could be together. That is wrong because fire not only did these things to avoid conflict and handle the situation as best he could. The only reason he marry them in the first place was to and the feud between families. Concluding Lord Capulet was the perfect person responsible for Romeo and Juliet stats. Have not been able to give Juliet a choice in who she marries and being too intense cause them to feel as if they needed to run away together to void on. If he'd given Juliet a chance none of this would've happened. Basically he just needed to take a chill
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