Lord Capulet To Blame For Romeo And Juliet's Death

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Romeo and Juliet died for love, but there was someone else who “pushed” them to that fate of death. There are numerous characters that could be at fault and blamed for the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet. The one who is most to blame, however, is Lord Capulet. Lord Capulet had a lot to do with Romeo and Juliet’s deaths because he was forcing Juliet to marry someone she hardly knew let alone loved. He was working on moving the wedding sooner because of Tybalt’s death, but he also gave up on his daughter when everyone thought she was dead. When he needed to stay by her the most he gave up instead. Lord Capulet is the father of Juliet and a big part of the continuous feud between his family and the Montague’s. He was blind to the love in his beloved daughters heart for their enemy, Romeo. Instead of realizing the love that Juliet felt for another man he was forcing her to marry Paris, a perfect stranger. “But fettle your fine joint ‘gainst Thursday next to go with Paris to saint Peter’s church, or I will drag thee on a humble thither.”…show more content…
I’ll not come to bed tonight; let me alone, I’ll play housewife for this once. What, ho!” (4.3.41-43) Lord Capulet is referring to Juliet but is actually telling Lady Capulet to help Juliet get ready for the wedding and that he will do everything for the wedding if he needs to. This is really showing how persistent Lord Capulet was to make the wedding sooner which makes it harder for Juliet to go to Mantua with Romeo before the wedding. It means that Romeo and Juliet have to think of a plan and fast so that way she can get out of the marriage with Paris and go to be with Romeo for the rest of their lives. Lord Capulet was in sense making it harder for his daughter to be with the one person she loved the most that he was to blind to see. Keeping someone away from the person they love, who fills their heart with it, is only going to make them go around you to be with them
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