Lord Capulet To Blame In Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Sometimes, parents make the wrong decisions for their children, but sometimes they over do it and cause some problems. Lord Capulet pressured Juliet into marrying Paris until the point where she drank a sleeping potion to escape it and then eventually killed herself. This is one of the reasons why Lord Capulet is the most to blame for the actions in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
Lord Capulet was part of the reason why the feud continued. He really did nothing to stop it. He accepted and just continued it, even though it was pointless, he let it continue. The feud is to blame for many of the deaths. No one knows why the feud even exists but no one tried to stop it. If the feud never existed, then after Romeo and Juliet got married,
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Lord Capulet stopped Tybalt from attacking Romeo at the party but didn't follow up. At the party lord Capulet could have told Tybalt that he shouldn't start anything and ruin his party or he will get in trouble. Instead, he said don't do anything at the party but he fought later which then cause both himself and Mercutio to duel and then both of them ended up dead. All of this could have been avoided if the feud was never created because Romeo would have showed up and Tybalt wouldn't have gotten mad. Then in the end, Mercutio and Tybalt would still be alive.
Some may say that it was Romeo's fault for showing up at the party and he was the cause of his own death but if lord Capulet simply told Tybalt to not fight at all, then they would be alive.

Lord Capulet pressured Juliet into marrying Paris which created a domino effect with bad things.
Lord Capulet is the most to blame for most of the deaths when he pressured Juliet into marriage, continued on the feud, and doing nothing to stop Tybalt from killing Romeo. Do you think that Lord Capulet is the most to
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