Lord Capulet To Blame In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet’s story is the most popular romantic story in the world and teaches us a lot about the history of the English. At this moment, I’m going to write about the most to blame for Juliet’s death and Romeo. So, the most to blame for was Lord Capulet. Lord Capulet is the head of the household and husband to Lady Capulet and the father of young daughter Juliet. Lord Capulet has many traits, the main thing that you will notice is his drastic mood changes, also he will always stick to his decision that he made. He’s the most to blame for because he was the big problem that causes Juliet’s death and that leads to Romeo’s death. He didn’t treat Juliet like his daughter, instead, he treated her like a trash. He only realized that he loved Juliet after her death and that don’t help or fixed anything realizing stuff after someone was gone. If Lord Capulet wasn’t forced Juliet’s to get married to Paris, then there won’t be any deaths but instead, there will be understanding and loved. Because of Lord Capulet hatred on the Montague, there’s death of his own daughter. Even though Lord Capulet did nothing to Romeo, he did something very ungrateful to his daughter. He told her to move out if she’s not going to marry Paris and…show more content…
If he wants Juliet to have a happy life, then he should’ve let her married whoever she wants and let her live her own life for her own goods. Hatred on Montague's have nothing to do with who Juliet will marry. If Lord Capulet had not been so strict, Tybalt would’ve still lived his life. The people who passed away, they all would’ve still lived their life. The reason Mercutio death was because of Lord Capulet. Since Capulet sees Montague as his enemy, every one of Capulet did the same thing. Every one of the Capulet shows respect to Lord Capulet. If they don’t do what he asked for, then sounds like their lives are
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