Lord Farquaad's Obstacles In The Life Of Shrek

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In a land far away, hidden behind a vast amount trees, lived a lonely Ogre named Shrek. He was seen as a terror to the world, and outcasted from society due to the reputation his kind held. However, he was perfectly content living his life alone in his onion shaped hut, until he encountered a talking donkey that later became his best friend. Their unlikely friendship all began when a gang of Fairy Tale creatures were sent to live within the same land as Shrek. This was all due to the commands of Lord Farquaad. He was adamant to create his city, Duloc, to be as perfect as possible. These creatures disrupted his picture, so for a small reward they were traded in by their owners. Lord Farquaad is a ruthless man who had the ability to make his…show more content…
Just as Duloc must be in top condition, you are to make sure you fit the same criteria. Farquaad is very demanding, and withholds no mercy when it comes to getting the answers he desires. This is displayed when he breaks off part of Gingy the gingerbread man’s leg. Another example of not withholding his contempt for people who are below his standards, is during the wedding when he was supposed to marry Fiona. She was cursed to become an Ogre at sunset and as he witnesses this transformation, he immediately called off the wedding and commanded his guards to take her and Shrek away Politically, Farquaad held a lot of power. He was responsible for all the people that live within Duloc, and also held the power to rid of anybody he didn’t think fit his image of a perfect kingdom. In order to gain more power and become King he needed to marry a Princess. His ideal match was Princess Fiona, but he lacked the desire to do the work necessary to rescue her. Instead by using his power he ordered his knights to fight to see who is the toughest and most capable to defeat the dragon guarding her. Once she arrived at his palace, he immediately proposed and set his plan in
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