Lord Ganesha By Girish Karnad Analysis

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Author Girish Karnad was born in Matheran, British India. He did his bachelor of arts in India and master in arts in England. In this play he has taken us back to mythology and legends of Hindu religion. Karnad has tried to illustrate incompleteness with divine, human and animal figures. The stage is empty with a chair at the center of the stage and a table on stage right or at the back. The play is started by bhagavata who is a character as well as the narrator of the play. At the beginning a pooja of lord ganesha (elephant headed god and son of lord shiva) is started, who is considered as master of success and perfection. There is an irony associated that lord ganesha himself is imperfect in body but is considered as master of success and perfection. Hayavadana means a man with horse head, is the center character in this play. He is a man with horse head, it is the only tragedy to his life. When hayavadana tells actor (nata) not to “sit and commit nuisance on the road” shows that how hayavadana knows about his social responsibility and how to behave in society very well. Also when another actor listen him while singing “vande mataram” and “jana gana mana” clearly shows his awareness about society and our Indian culture. Beginning with lord ganesha gives an irony that we do pray an imperfect man but not accept an imperfect man as a human being, as part of our society and culture. Actor nata didn’t knew how to act in society but still comments on hayavadana as very unnatural

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