Lord Gardiner Case Study

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In the 143 years since Gardiner was thrown out of Australia their has been a lot of differing accounts of his origins in NSW? The general consenses was that according to his prison records Gardiner was stated as having been born and raised at Boro, near Goulburn. However, confusion in some quarters still abounds as to those matters. As with everything concerning Gardiner there is an air of mystery and many falsehoods, that for the time was a benifit to the career criminal, but now, with new and easy access to much that in years gone by would drive a researcher insane, the advent of Trove thru the NLA and Ansestry provides the patient searcher with unqualified truth regarding much about Gardiner and the other bushrangers associated with his…show more content…
The view that his father arrived first and cohabitated with a half cast aboriginal woman at Boro is truly fancifull. Evidence shows that the Christie 's traveled to Melbourne and that Charles operted a sly-grog shop in Melbourne, in 1836-38 and was in his own word fined £80+ for his infraction. Shortly after Charles took a position as overseer to a former passenger friend from the 'James ' Henry Munro who was in command of a vast sheep and cattle run at Campaspe near Mount Alexander, Victoria, this is also fact. There are a number of letters published in the newspapers of Charles defending Munro against marurding aboriginals who were constantly stealing sheep and in one instance Munro was seriously speared and survived. The life of Gardiner 's father is shown that he was a diligent supervisor and well educated as was his children including Francis. However, there has also been a thought that the father died sometime in 1864 near Goulburn, but this is also refuted by a report that Charles ' widow Jane married Henry Munro in February 1841, which demonstrates that Charles, by means unknown at present, passed away in late 1840. The record of his death is missing, but as in 1840, Victoria was still under the administration of NSW therefore, the document maybe lost

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