Lord Godfrey Monologue

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Gilgamesh, Lord Godfrey has summoned you. I believe he’d like to spare a few words before our epic to Jerusalem. I’ll be right there, I raised my head up to acknowledge Stephen II of Blois. Stephen has been a very good friend of mine scenes birth. Stephen is a tall young man with long golden blond hair that women envy him. His skin is pale to match his light blue sky colored eyes, age twenty same as me. The women fancy him oh so much, thought I to I 'm handsome if I say so myself. I’m much darker skin tone to Stephen, my eye are a mixture of a yellow green with a hint of red, not a every common color. I stand from my sette reminding me of how we are the same height. “I will be taking my leave”. To day date is June. 27.1097 While i walk up the…show more content…
I return to the hut that I 'm currently inhabiting until the crusade make their next move. I discharge both soldiers that i asked to garude the muslim girl while I ran a few errands and meeting with Godfrey. Oping the front door i call out,” hello, are you still here?” Hoping to get a replay I knew that i wasn 't getting one, going into every room and looking for her I found her in the same spot that she was in before I left. She sat in a corner of the room on the floor, with her head laying on her knees and arms wrapped around them like a ribbon. I see you 're still here good, I walk towards her and sit next to her but with some distinct, I asked, “ what 's is your name?” She doesn 't respond I was expecting nothing more, maybe she doesn 't speak my language but I can speak her. I ask her in Turkish, “ Senin adın ne? “ She looks up, with a confused face, “ you know my language?” Yes I was taught turkish in my years of childhood. She reverts back and there is a silence in the air between us, I ask again ,” what is your name? Please do tell.” Morgiana Noor, Morgiana Noor? she looks up again, did I pronounce your name right? yes, you did you don 't have an accent when you speak turkish, that is way I was

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