Lord Lambton's Report: Lord Washington

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Lord Durham was a man with liberal beliefs who was sent to Canada to study the affairs of British North America. He was given the task of writing a report, which would give suggestions on how to solve the problems Britain was facing with its colony. His report shook the systems already in place and changed Canada forever. To some he is a hero, but to others he is very much disliked. Nonetheless, Lord Durham’s report directly led to the colonies of Upper and Lower Canada being united. Lord Durham’s report was also one of the first steps in creating a responsible, and later a democratic government for Canada. John George Lambton, the Earl of Durham, was born April 12th 1792 in London England. He was the eldest son of William Henry Lambton, and Lady Anne Barbara Frances Villiers, daughter of George Villiers, the 4th Earl of Jersey. Durham’s father died when he was just 5 years old, but Durham did follow in many of his father’s…show more content…
Durham’s status worked well in his favour. Because he was an independent representative from Britain, the people cooperated more with him. Two days after his arrival he announced that he would solve the problems using an open mind, and treat everyone fairly. He first went about solving the problems with the rebels. To not aggravate the situation, he came up with the idea of exiling the rebels who were sentenced to death. The rebels, whose life had been spared, were either sent to Bermuda or Australia. The Lower Canadians were pleased with Durham’s solution for the rebels, but Britain and the Whig party were not. Also the Canadians who opposed the rebels were also angry with Lord Durham. They were angered by his acts of leniency towards the rebels, and could not see the strategic side to his decisions. With both the Whig party and the crown disowning him, and his lack of support from some Canadians, he was forced to resign from his post and return to
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