Lord Of The Flies Allusion Analysis

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An allusion is the act of alluding or making of a casual or indirect reference to something. A biblical allusion is a reference to a religious figure or object. Biblical allusions are placed throughout the novel Lord of the Flies. Throughout this novel these allusions play a large role in the story and as well as an ideal place in the story. One of the first allusion I noticed in the novel was with the character Simon. Simon one of the main characters in the novel and is set as an allusion of Jesus Christ. Christ is known to have an affinity with children; in chapter 4, Simon demonstrates this act by picking fruit for the rest of the children in their group. This shows the goodness by nature. Also like Christ, Simon withdraws to his secret place in the forest as Jesus withdraws to the wilderness to pray. Simon is also able to intuitively understand the truth about fear,evil, and human nature. Such as when the boys hunt for the beast that Sam and Eric report having seen, its Simon, who doubts its existence as a creature “with claws that scratched”. But rather a beast inside of the civilization thriving on the island. As Simon contemplates the beast, “there rose before his inward…show more content…
The island that the boys crash on is a big beautiful land that is very eye appealing. There is fruit on it and it is a very pure place that has barely been touched. The Garden of Eden is a story from the Bible and has many compatible attributes of the island the boys tend to. Not only does the island itself quaralate but some actions that took place there relate to the book. Such as the snake-like beast I talked about previously. The snake also could represent when Satan hides himself as a serpent in the Garden of Eden. And well in the Garden of Eden, Satan placed a question before God asks, “Could mankind rule itself without
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