Responsibility In Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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EVIL AS AN INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY IN LORD OF THE FLIES BY WILLIAM GOLDING INTRODUCTION There is a constant tension or conflict between good and evil in the world. At times evil appears to be so dominant and powerful that we may even think evil to be supreme. But, sooner or later the momentary supremacy of the evil gives way to the ultimate triumph of good. We often blame the society or the political system for the evils that are being perpetrated in the world. But a close analysis will tell us that it is not the political system or the society that is responsible for the evil, but some individuals within the society or in the political system that perpetrate evil. Therefore, it is the individual who needs to bring-forth the change in…show more content…
The pig-hunt degenerates into man-hunt. The savages with their paint and spears spread terror. First he tried to crush Ralph with elephant sized rocks, if he were hiding in the tall grass. When that failed, he smoked him out and set fire to the island itself. Ralph is horrified at his own plight. With Piggy and his conch gone, all order and sense are lost. He finds himself an outcast, alienated and isolated. In trying to come to terms with the outer world, he discovers the horrible inner self of man. Ralph weeps "for the end of innocence, the darkness of man's heart..."(Lord of the Flies 230) Jack had inherited all the wretchedness of the adult world and he displayed them freely. When he found that he could act at will, without being challenged nor cautioned by a grown-up hand he unashamedly turned himself and his choir boys into savages and openly indulged in hunting and murdering, not only animals, but even fellow human beings. He thirsted for blood and lusted all the while for power and position. He could not face any disagreement and put them down mercilessly. He was happy only when he ruled supreme and had the abject obedience of all. He is an embodiment of evil both in man and
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