Lord Of The Flies And Heart Of Darkness Analysis

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“ I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary: the evil it does is permanent.”- Mahatma Gandhi
In the novels Lord of the Flies by William Golding and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad both novels have scenes of violence that help contribute to the meaning of the complete work that the novels deal with the theme of civilization versus savagery. Both of these novels show us how all humans have a heart of darkness or an evil inside them that is usually concealed by the rules and ways of civilization. When civilized humans are taken away from civilization and put in an untamed place their darkness is bound to come out.
The island the boys are trapped on in Lord of the Flies is located far from the modern
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In Lord of the Flies there is not really a racial problem but there is a person is considered weaker than the rest. Piggy is extremely intelligent and also very rational but because he is a bit overweight and he has asthma the other boys see him as weaker this causes them to feel as though they do not need to respect him. They also see him as weaker because he is to afraid to ever speak up about anything this causes him to seem shy and an easy target to go after and pick on. In Heart of Darkness the dominant race are the Europeans and the weak race are the native Africans. The natives and portrayed as savages who have no civil manners, are violent, unintelligent, wild, and uncontrollable. They have and follow no rules. In the novel Marlow describes the Africans as “ Mostly black and naked, moving about like ants.” ( “Heart of Darkness.” Heart of Darkness, Dover , 1990, p. 9). The Africans are seen as animals even the rags they would wear would be seen as a tails , he would describe them as creatures who would walk on all fours. The Africans are seen as inferior because they don’t act the way a normal European would act so therefore they were seen as weak. Their skin color also played a huge role on why they were considered so
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