Lord Of The Flies And The Most Dangerous Game Analysis

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When comparing stories the reader may point out revelations about human nature. The two awesome stories, Lord of the Flies and The Most Dangerous Gameshow a motif of being trapped, and they show that being nice can be taken for granted. Lord of the Flies and The Most Dangerous Gameprove that people can behave like animals when it comes to survival. There are several different simalarities for the two trapped stories Lord of the Flies and Most Dangerous Game; however, the most significant would be the setting of the stories. For example when Golding was explaining what the island looked like. He gives an explanation of what the island looked like, "The candle-buds opened their wide white flowers...The scent spilled out into the air and took possession of the island." In comparison, in Most Dangerous Game, the setting took place in a jungle on a island: "Dense jungle came down to the very edge of the cliffs." This descibes what the island 's setting looked like. As a result, of all the evidence from the paragraph, it is clear the setting is significant. Both trapped stories also have a loss of innocence. For example, in the novel Lord of the Flies Ralphlost his …show more content…

With all their similarties, Lord of the Flies and The Most Dangerous Game prove that people can behave like animals and savages when it comes to survival.The human nature example in the Lord of the Flies would be the boys killing Simon, the boys behaved pretty savage because they thought Simon was the beast. On the other hand, Rainsford had to kill General Zaroff to save himself from being killed by the General. The theory being made is that individuals do whatever is necessary to survive, because in Lord of the Flies Jack had to do what he felt was right in a savage way to survive. In The Most Dangerous Game character Rainsford also had to kill the General in order to survive. In the end, these stories prove that human beings need to do whatever is necessary to keep their lives from being in

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