Lord Of The Flies Annotated Bibliography

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Lord of the Flies Research Project
Adolf Hitler lacked in remorse and basic human morals, he is believed to be one of the world's most merciless leaders. William Golding wrote an allegory about conflict between two boys Ralph and Jack, who represent civilization and savagery. Jack acted in ways that could be compared to Adolf Hitler. Hitler was a horrendous man in power during WWII he lead a racist army of nazi’s. He was responsible for the execution of six million jews.(nazism) Lord of The Flies by William Golding is a fiction novel that is based on the characteristics and behavior of both Hitler and his Nazi army during WWII which is projected through the actions and characteristics of Jack Merridew.
Adolf Hitler is commonly known for his unforgivable acts that he committed in his lifetime, his acts were horrendous and left a scar on the world that can never be mended. “Hitler’s skills as a persuasive and his willingness to use violence to get what he wanted led to a twelve year reign.”(Nazism)
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Saying that Adolf Hitler acted in a savage way would be an understatement. Killing so many people, he used the power for horrible things, which lead to the deaths and actions similar to the acts of savages. The fact that Hitler knew these events were taking place while under his control is beyond appalling, awful and horrendous. As for Jack, he too showed these traits while he was in control of his group. He leaned more toward killing and acting like savages. Jack did torture others but to a small extent. He tied up the twins, Sam and Erik, and tortured them. "'Grab them!' No one moved. Jack shouted angrily. "I said 'grab them'!" the painted group moved round Samneric nervously and unhandily once more the silvery water scattered." (Golding 178 &
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