Chapter 12 Lord Of The Flies Essay

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There are millions of books to choose from in the world today, some are about eternal love others about adventurous teenagers living in a dystopia. Oddly enough a very smart naval officer in the war wrote a book about humanity 's true ways and how we genuinely are and who we can become. Lord of the Flies is the book that was popular in its day and still is. Its full off loose ends, foreshadowing and pure evil. But William Golding keeps us all guessing till the shocking 12th chapter when we learn the true meaning of become a savage and what we can truly develop into. The boys in the book are no older then 12, and you can tell how much anger and furry they hold on their shoulders. In chapter 12, there is violence and incredible fear that you…show more content…
There are so many that I think to would be hard to catch them all. For example almost before anything bad happens lightning strikes. Once the boys separated Jack and his boys whore the remains of black hats from their choir uniforms. When the book was written, British court still had the death penalty in place. When the judges decided weather the person on trial was going to be killed they whore black hats. This shows us that there is going to be death in the chapters ahead. In chapter 12 there was near death. Although we did lose Piggy in the chapter before and Simon a few before Piggy. The themes of Lord of the Flies are evil themes. For example, power, identity, death, rule and order, fear and countless others. Each theme had its own part in the book and the end chapter. Fear in the beginning of the book was portrayed as the boys first landing and not knowing where they are. In the end chapter the theme of fear came from Ralph and being hunted down like an animal. Although he was so inhuman that he almost was and animal. Another theme would be power. The boys choose who they wanted as chef in the being of the book on the beach and in the end they had to chose what side they want to join, Ralph or Jack? There are so many hidden meanings and themes to go with this story its
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