Lord Of The Flies A Bad Thing Essay

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Lord of the flies was a very interesting book it was good for the most part, for example the story was good! but the reason i say it was “good for the most part” is because of the beginning it was awful it did not explain anything how they got there what happened and they weren’t even scared and then they went swimming? Just didn't make sense at all. Another bad thing about the book is that the very end was good but predictable he got rescued and it was happily ever after other than the fact of all the deaths. The last bad thing I have to say about the book is were really no likeable characters some were jerks (Jack) some were bossy (Raphael) others thought they were always right (Piggy) it would have been nice to see at least one lovable main character. Plus all of the people even if they were not the main characters were mean to Piggy like when Raphael said he would keep Piggy’s secret of his nickname and then told everyone like who does that? Piggy doesn’t even stand up for himself and still finds raphael a role model. Jack was also very stuck up and obnoxious he was jealous of Raphael’s power so he turned every one against him. I know i’ve been standing up for Piggy but at the same time he is obnoxious himself he always thinks he is right even though most of the time he is…show more content…
When I say when it starts to pick up I mean in the beginning of the book it was brutally boring. A side from the fact that the beginning was extremely boring and very undescriptive and all the characters were non loveable and rather rude this book was rather quite good I would recommend this book not only for the adventure and action but also because it is a

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