Lord Of The Flies Movie Vs Book Analysis

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In Lord of the Flies there were a lot of similarities and differences from the book to the movie. In the beginning of the book the boy’s plane crashed into a body of water and the pilot dies but, in the movie the pilot is alive but is severely injured. In both the movie and the book Piggy finds the conch and has Ralph blow it, due to his asthma. When on the island in both the book and the movie Jack was mean to Piggy and whipped some of the little un's. The movie mentioned that Jack went to military school while, in the book they all were choir boys. Ralph and Jack don’t look as old as their age. They both look about 11 or 12 not 14. When reading the book I pictured Piggy just like he was in the movie, short, chubby, and underestimated.…show more content…
Not too long after that Ralph saw a ship in the book but a helicopter in the in the movie on top of the mountain. In both stories a big storm occurs. While the storm destroys the island in both the movie and the book, Jack and his tribe steal Piggy's glasses. They eventually gave them back. In both stories Jack and his tribe go after another pig but, this time it’s a sow. They cut the pig's head off and put it on a stick for a present for the beast. After that, Jack’s tribe had a feast and invited Ralph’s tribe. The book and the movie were also alike because they showed when Simon went up to the mountain and met “The lord of the Flies” and he got beat up. In the book “The lord of the Flies” talked but in the movie it didn’t. After Simon came down from the mountain and got beaten to death SamNEric changed tribes. In my opinion I would've left his tribe because there were no skills , no food, and no life with Ralph and Piggy. Later on Piggy and Ralph find two instruments, a drum and an accordion in the movie but not in the book. When they found it they started playing with them. If I was either one of them I would've done the same thing because it was so lifeless on the island. I would play it to spunk my inspiration because it would remind
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