Lord Of The Flies By William Golding: A Literary Analysis

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In nature we see animals gang up and kill each other but we say “that 's just life” “that 's what happens in the wild,” but what is the wild. It is everywhere. We would not call these animals evil. When the runt of the litter is picked on we do not call the other pigs evil or cruel. We would not put them in jails. Birds of a feather flock together. Chickens will attack the weakest of the group, and we just say that “thats life” “its nature”. The only difference between what Jacks actions on the island and what animals do on a daily basis, is that Jack is human.
When looking at Jack Merridew from Lord of the Flies, by William Golding the reverse effect of this societal transition from being the perfectly mannered British school boy back to his inner “savage” instincts to survive is prevelent.
What is the difference between savagery and surviving? We as a society have set the standards of being good and wants our citizens to
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In the beginning of lord of the flies Jack and the other choir boys walk emerge from the forest in uniform lines; “a party of boys, marching approximately in step in two parallel lines and dressed strangely eccentric clothing”(Golding 19). This shows that the boys are still unaffected by the separation from society. They still walk around in an orderly fashion, like nothing has happened. Later on in the first chapter Ralph, Jack, and Simon set off on an adventure to climb the mountain and see if they are actually on an island. On the way back down they see a pigs caught in vines. Ralph pressures Jack to kill the pig, since being deemed the leader of the hunters, after boasting about having a knife. Jack goes in for the kill but stops, “it was only long enough for them to understand what an enormity the downward stroke would be”(31). This also shows how Jack feel the pressures and rules of society. Jack still has the feeling that killing is wrong, even if it is just a pig. This moment of compassion is the starting point in Jacks spiral to
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