'Lord Of The Flies' By William Goulding: Chapter Analysis

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William Goulding starts off the novel by placing a group of kids on an island. The kids are stranded on the island, alone and fearful. Already, Goulding creates a mood of impending darkness, cruelty and suspense. The theme of this novel is that “The defects in society are related to the defects in humanity”. The boys set rules and assign jobs, yet as time goes by, some boys are devolving and are breaking the rules which represents the defects in humanity, humans cannot stick to one thing for a long time. The theme is shown immensely through out the three chapters we have read so far. To begin with, only Ralph and Piggy who are full of fear are on the island. However they do not get along in the beginning, but they manage to work together to find the other boys. This is one of the first signs of the defects in humanity, two people do not get along so that creates a form of a chaotic setting. Ralph and Piggy find the rest of the children but a group of boys with a leader named Jack come in like…show more content…
Goulding has proven that deep down they are all animals, all the kids have animalistic instincts within their subconscious which triggers either the response of fight or flight, nature vs nurture. “Survival of the fittest” , if you are week you die, if you are strong you live. Goulding also explores the defects in humanity by portraying how people react differently to certain situations, for instance when the mulberry faced boy comes up with beastie, the “littluns" are full of fear. However, the “bigguns" (Jack and Ralph) are laughing at how they believe such nonsense and assure them that there is no such thing as beastie. Drawing similarities between animals and humans is the ultimate human defect where Goulding dehumanizes the children into animal like characters, removing the human factor and seeing them as the animals they truly
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