Lord Of The Flies Chapter 1 Dialectical Journal

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Chapter 1. “Ender walked around him and kicked him again… Stilson could not make a sound; he only doubled up and tears streamed out of his eyes… ‘You could probably beat me up pretty bad. But just remember what I do to people who try to hurt me.’ ” (7)

Ender’s main objective is to extend his existence, because of this, he forgets his humanity and continues to inflict pain on Stilson. Ender knows what has to be done in order to prevent further, possibly fatal, attacks and demonstrates that he is willing to attack on the helpless to do so. (add more?) good

Chapter 2. “It was not a question of winning… here in their flat, the game would start mean, and the bugger couldn’t just go empty and quit the way buggers did in the real wars. The bugger …show more content…

“He didn’t know what to say, and he was afraid to reveal himself to be any more monstrous than his actions had made him out to be… Ender couldn’t help it, he was too afraid, too ashamed of his own acts; though he tried not to, he cried again.” (19)

Ender is immensely terrified of becoming a monster; his remorse and shame caused by his horrific actions increases his fear. However, his guilt-enforced tears show that even though his actions were callous, Ender’s possession of kindness is unscathed. The humanity Ender shows through the tears he failed to stop is what prevents his worse nightmare from coming true.

Chapter 4. “I am not a killer, Ender said to himself over and over. I am not peter. No matter what Graff says, I’m not. I was defending myself.” (34)

Ender detests Graff’s accusation; unable to even contemplate the idea of falling under the classification of murderer. But Graff’s words strike a chord in Ender’s perception of himself, introducing him to the idea that he may encompass a scrap of similarity to Peter. In the end, Ender stands by his humanity, desperately reassuring himself of his noble nature. (ender already knows he is like peter(last page of chapter 1) may want to …show more content…

Alai also demonstrates, through his refusal, that he doesn’t possess the same compliance with inflicting pain on others despite being Bernard’s best friend. This exhibits the grandness of their humanity for they both sacrifice their own selves to prevent the boy they just met from getting hurt.

“ He hadn’t meant to kill the Giant. This was supposed to be a game. Not a choice between his own grisly death and an even worse murder. I’m a murderer, even when I play. Peter would be proud of me.” (65)

Ender struggles with his perception of his humanity. By unintentionally killing the Giant, he begins to believe that he is a murderer inside and out. This begins Ender’s paranoia of becoming like Peter. (take out?) (maybe because ender again already knows he is like Peter)

Chapter 7. “Ender remembered burrowing through the eye when it had been alive and malicious and intelligent. Angry and frustrated as hew was, Ender wished to do such violence again.”

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