Lord Of The Flies Chapter 1 Summary

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9/28/15 Chapter 1 In the first chapter of Lord of The Flies two main characters are introduced, Ralph and Piggy. These two boys are both stranded on an island along with some other kids. There are no adults at all. The island has some survivors, some afraid of what is going on and some taking matters into their own hands. The main idea of this chapter is that the kids need to create their own society in order to survive. So the kids start by having people vote on who should be chief. The kids need to cooperate in order to survive on the island. 9/29/15 Chapter 2 In the second chapter of Lord of The Flies the boys start out by making a set of rules and that anyone with the clam can talk. The main part of the chapter is that the kids decide…show more content…
Ralph tells piggy that simon death wasn't by accident but it was a murder. Piggy had protested that it wasn’t murder and that it was an accident. While they lament on simon's body, Jack's crew was plotting on how they were going to get the fire and they came up with the notion of taking the fire starter from Ralph. While Ralph, the twins and Piggy were sleeping Jack's Hunters took Piggy's specs and put out their fire. 10/13 Chapter 11 In this chapter Ralph called an assembly for Piggy to get his glasses back. Instead of some corroboration, Ralph and Piggy are pelted with stones and the conch is destroyed. When Ralph confronts Jack as a thief, they end up fencing each other and then Jack’s savages tie Piggy and Ralph. When they are fighting, Piggy falls off the side of the cliff he remains there not moving, dead. 10/15 Chapter 12 In this chapter Ralph and the twins scamper off to the shore line with two dead bodies that had died defending Ralph. When all hope seemed to be lost, the twins spotted a ship. At this Ralph went off and started a fire and put wet logs on the fire. The man on the ship got off and asked Ralph some questions about them. Ralph denounced his position as chief and how two members of the survivors had been murdered. In all they were rescued two kids
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