Lord Of The Flies Chapter Summary

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It starts out that an aircraft carrying 24 young military school cadets who were kids were returning home but there was an accident leading them into the sea near a remote island the Pacific Ocean. The first scenes start off with kids trying to survive in the water and also finding a way to get to shore. A pilot known as Captain Benson (Michael Greene), was one of the survivors during the crash, became seriously injured. As all the cadets survived, they plan to just rest for the day. During the next day, Simon, the most independent cadet, walks around searching for water and he finds a river. He notifies the other boys, and they all drink out of it and explore the island afterwards. Meanwhile, on the beach, an overweight cadet known as Piggy …show more content…

Later that day, Larry bought Jack to check out if the monster was still there. There was groaning sounds of the captain of possible death, and Jack group assume that the monster was still there. So the hunters cut up the pigs’ heads and put it in a stick as a way of a sacrifice and left the area. Meanwhile, Ralph's starts to create a signal-fire. This is a good way to make sure if any aircraft or ships passed by, he can use the fire. Jack's and his group starts to adapt to the new environment; and also he establishes hunters who can provide food for Ralph camp and his own place. There were times when the hunter had to invade Ralph's camp to steal items such as a knife, glow stick, or to destroy the camp for fun. Eventually more of the boys were to tired living with Ralph and moved with Jack. For one night, there was a storm which effected Jacks camp so much that they had to rebuild it the following day. After the storm, the hunters eventually find and kill a wild pig and leave its head as an offering to the “monster” that they believe is in the cave. The twins known as Sam and Eric (Andrew Taft and Edward Taft), left Ralph to join Jack's tribe due to the conditions that they were living. This leaves leaving Ralph with only Piggy and Simon

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