Ethical Issues In Lord Of The Flies

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LOFT Essay In the Lord of The Flies, a desperate human society stranded on an island collapses as they are left to savage each other under the rule of an incapable leader. When they first reach the island, the boys still have a portion of the ethical way things should be done, but as we venture deeper into the story, that distinctive portion of them fades into a mere memory, as if a grain of sand in the vast ocean. Their minds evolve to suit their demands and everything else is ignored, one by one, they lose control of each other. Through the character of Jack, William Golding shows how societies break up when a leader’s ego takes control into prioritizing itself over group and when there is no law and order for the structure…show more content…
As the story unravels, Jack started to take advantage, he saw the breaking point of Ralph and the rules, the boys did not want to work “I’ve been working with Simon. No one else. They’re off bathing”. When Jack acknowledged that, he took the chance to attract the boys ' attention to him by giving them what they want (84). They wanted a fun and drama, and hunting seemed to solve their misery on the dull island. As life on the island continues, each of them slowly become bored and duties were ignored, Jack started to get her groups and left duties for hunting, he knew that if he came back with meat, everyone would respect him for giving them something they crave for. This plan was successful as they proudly came back with a pig, others saw their heroic actions and wanted to join so that they aren’t left out of the fun. Jack had achieved his selfish goals but in doing so, failed to keep the fire going and missed a ship when it past by, showing how a someones ego can be so lethal on a society. Once the boys settle onto the island, they inherit new desires and thinking styles, a virulent downfall of civilization starts as they slack off work for personal enjoyments. Golding repeatedly shows how their
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