Allegory In Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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William Golding, the author of Lord of the Flies, tells a story about human behavior by creating a pseudo-society (a false society) formed by a group of boys. The boys ' society copies good and bad parts of adult society. The story is an allegory which is a story where characters are symbols. Golding wanted to teach truths about human behavior. He believed that humans are naturally wild and evil. He believed that no civilization could control the evil inside every person. Ralph represents order and civilization which loses power to disorder and wildness. Piggy, with his glasses, represents knowledge and science which cannot win against mindless violence. Simon represents goodness and the truth, but no one listens to him. Jack represents the…show more content…
When they return, Ralph says that they must light a signal fire so passing ships will see them. The boys make a fire by using Piggy’s eyeglasses to focus sunlight onto some sticks and logs the boys found. The boys don 't control the fire, so it burns a large part of the island. One of the youngest boys is never seen again; he was burned to death. After the wildfire burns out, the boys enjoy their life without grown-ups. They eat fruit and play in the water and on the land. Ralph tells them to take care of the signal fire and build huts for shelter. The hunters try to kill a wild pig, but they fail. Their leader, Jack, becomes more and more interested in hunting. One day a ship passes by, and Ralph and Piggy see that the signal fire—which the hunters were supposed to be watching—has burned out. Ralph yells at Jack, but the hunter has just returned with his first kill. All of the hunters are celebrating with a wild dance that acts out their hunt. Piggy says the hunters should have taken care of the fire, and Jack hits Piggy and breaks one lens of Piggy 's glasses. Ralph blows the conch shell and calls for a meeting. Some of the boys say they are afraid. The littlest boys, known as “littluns,” have had nightmares from the beginning. Now more boys think that there is a beast or monster on the island. The older boys ask the younger ones where a monster could possibly hide during the daytime. One of…show more content…
They kill a mother pig. They cut off her head and put it on a sharpened stick. They put the head in a clearing in the jungle as a gift for the beast. Later, Simon sees the bloody, fly-covered head, and he imagines that the head, the Lord of the Flies, is speaking to him. The voice says that Simon will never get away from him because the Lord of the Flies is in every person. Simon faints. When he wakes up, he goes up the mountain and sees the dead parachutist. Simon now knows the truth. There is no beast, but evil does exist in each individual boy. Simon goes to the beach to tell the others what he has seen, but the others —even Ralph and Piggy—have been eating pig meat and are now dancing the killing dance. When they see Simon’s shadowy figure come out of the jungle, they kill him. Waves carry Simon 's body out to sea and the wind carries the dead parachutist 's body and chute out to
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