Lord Of The Flies: Character Analysis

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Lord of Flies One day a plane crashes on a remote island filled with young boys. After the boy’s have managed to free themselves from the plane crash, two boys, Ralph and Piggy, find a conch shell on the island. The boy’s soon discover that this shell can be used in many ways of survival on the island. Ralph and Piggy blow the conch shell to gather all the boys around the island to form a more organized civilization. The boy’s all meet each other and discuss ways that they will try to make it off the island alive. The stranded boy’s all have many different personalities resulting in conflict at times. As the number of days pass that the boy’s are on the island the boy’s begin to lose their sense of humanity and struggle to remain civil; throughout…show more content…
Before the plane wreck the boys symbolized young boys full of life, happy, and healthy, and now things have changed dramatically. The boys are now dirty, skinny and their hair is getting very long. The boys hair gets longer and longer as the book goes on. Symbolically the boys hair represents their civil manner fading away. The inhumane characteristics that begin to take on the boys personalities represent the boys struggle with remaining civil. The boys are now living in filth, with very little food and no means of care. Ironically, Piggy 's hair is the only one that does not grow because he is the one kid that remains civil throughout the story. Ralph is always pushing back his long hair as if he is blocking out the negative aspects of the island. Ralph asks Piggy “What are we? Humans? Animals? Or savages?” (Golding 121). The boys struggle with the evil that is taking them over, and they begin to feel like animals; “That world, that understandable and lawful world, was slipping away” (Golding 178). The boys begin to see everything slip away. All of their civility and their happiness that they once shared crash on the island. In conclusion, Lord of the Flies has many objects that represent the boys struggle between savagery and civility on the island. The beast represents the evil that got inside of the boys causing them to kill Simon. The pigs represent the boys obsession with killing
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