Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis Piggy

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Dynamic Character Analysis Piggy Piggy is a fat, shy 12 year old boy who has asthma and isn't very physical. He wears glasses that end up helping the boys in more ways than they'd think. It creates fire for them, this is an essential to living on the island and the boys didn't even thank him for letting them use his glasses, (which they took from him) in fact they take them straight off his face. He’s your typical stereotype of a fat 12 year old kid. At first he starts off as not being liked by anyone and he also doesn't wanna do anything but very quickly he changes, Ralph and some others start to see him for who he really is a loving and caring person. Piggy has no “real friends” besides Ralph he was in the middle of a taboo because most the boys didn't like him, not to mention Ralph wasn't even his friends at the beginning of the book. Speaking to people is not hard, but definitely not easy for piggy, it's not that he's scared to talk because he says very interesting things to Ralph all the time it's the fact no one wants to listen to him and when they do they just steal all the ideas he has. The most interesting…show more content…
So the reader never gets bored of what he or she is reading. Goldberg wants the reader to be interested, feel bad for someone who doesn't exist. The three literary terms Piggy serves is allegory, characterization and, being a static character. Piggy tells his story through the pains he undergoes in the story he is inarticulate clamored always tremulous shaking and never had real fun. Piggy stays the same through the whole book he was always trying to help even right from the start of meeting ralph he wanted to do everything he could given he had asthma. I believe direct characterization is the best way to describe piggy he is described at the very start of the book as well, to bad for poor piggy his vicissitude changed near the end of the
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