Lord Of The Flies Conch Quotes

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In the first two chapters of Lord of The Flies, we can see a growing tension between Ralph and Jack's group as the boys are taken by a spirit of savagery and engage in controversy regarding their fear and inclinations towards their state of remoteness. Golding also represents conflict and hostility through the harassment of Piggy, who is constantly interrupted by Jack and underestimated by the boys, as we can see in in a quote by Jack" 'You're talking too much', said Jack Merridew, 'shut up, Fatty' " and " 'I got the conch-' Jack turned fiercely. 'You shut up!' " Golding represents the conch in the book as a democratic symbol, which allowed every boy to contribute to decisions. When Piggy is denied to speak, it shows that intern conflicts taking away their social and democratic morals and splitting the boys apart, where the symbol of equality is forgotten and restricted to a limited number of people. The bullying…show more content…
Jack clamored among them, the conch forgotten 'Come on! Follow me' ". This shows how the vision of the two main characters are controversial regarding being rescued, while Ralph wants to achieve that through organization and Jack cedes to his wishes, abandoning and forgetting order and his civilization morals, as well, as influencing the boys to do the same. By doing that, Jack wants to convince the others he is a better leader, leaving the current authority figure behind in a noisy and chaotic crowd. In the top of the mountain the boys also take Piggy's specs and use it to light the fire. In the context, his specs represent reason and civilization, and the fact that they are burned in a sudden irrational excitement led by Jack, show the main tension that develops in the next pages between Ralph and Piggy's civilized behavior against Jack's and his choir's increasing salvage
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