Lord Of The Flies Corruption Vs Evil Analysis

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Corruption vs. Evil William Golding is the author of the Lord of the Flies. he made the book setting during the cold war while they were going through a nuclear bombing. Golding believes that people are inherently evil. He made the characters boys because he says that boys are more savages, Golding did not have girl characters because he says that girls would have devolved. Evil is defined as someone bad, up to know good, wants to know the worst outcome for someone for their own benefits.It's also, the corruption of the mind. Golding shows how society can change people's behavior that people that are inherently evil are evil to the core. Same goes for being inherently good people are good to the core and when they do something doesn't make them evil. Jack and Roger behaviors make them inherently evil. Jack is an arrogant and domineering boy who demands things from the moment he arrives on the island. Jack is very cruel to Piggy.He stops Piggy when he talks. Jack's obsession for hunting grows, which causes his cruelty to grow. In chapter 9, Simon was killed by the group by an accident. Even though the boys participated in the death of Simon they are not actually evil. Simon was going to tell the boys that the beast is within all of them. Jack evil has a lot…show more content…
Roger, whose behavior plays a big role in the Lord of the Flies, shows that he is evil. In chapter 11, Roger is responsible for killing Piggy. He was the one who rolled the boulder down the hill. Roger always showed his dark side at the beginning of the book. Roger showed it in small ways, such as knocking over percival and Johnny’s sand castle. Roger later on becomes even more evil when Jack and the hunters trap a pig, and Roger tortures the sow. Roger shows no remorse. He later pushes the boulder on Piggy and causes Piggy to die. Roger became more and more evil, showing no remorse for his evil
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