Lord Of The Flies Dialectical Journal

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Journal Topics for Independent Novel
Individual entries (written in your copy of this document) are to be about 500 words in length. Place Journal Topics in your Turnin folder.

Journal #1: Describe the characters in your novel.

There are 7 main characters in the the Lord of The Flies.

Ralph is one of the oldest boys on the islands, he was elected as leader at the beginning of the book. Ralph treats all the boys with respect throughout the book even when he begins to lose sanity himself. Ralph organizes all the boys in hope to keep them alive until they get saved, he makes them build shelters, keep the fire burning, and keep them all fed. Constantly throughout the book Ralph tries to keep the boys civilized whereas Jack does the opposite.
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When it came time to choose a Chief for the island, Jack believed there was no competition for leader of the tribe. Ralph believed in rules, his overall goal was to have the boys create a society similar to the one they had known before they crashed onto the island. He was constantly trying to get the boys to build shelter, gather food, and perform other jobs necessary for their survival. Every day Ralph was commanding the boys to keep the fire going. In Ralphs eyes this was the only way they were going to be rescued.In this respect, Jack is the opposite of Raplh. Jack only wanted to hunt and fool around. He ignored Ralph's commands and would eventually decided to leave Ralphs command and create his own gang.

Another conflict in Lord of the Flies is man versus nature. It is human nature to do whatever it takes to survive. As humans become more civilized we have been able to control our instincts with security and constant food. When the children leave society, there are no rules to keep the boys civilized so they act according to their needs. Over time, all the rules are forgotten and they turn savage.

Journal #3: Discuss the author’s style (i.e. use of language to create theme, plot, mood, tone,
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