Lord Of The Flies Dystopia Analysis

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Lord of The Flies: Just A Dystopia, or Man’s Biggest Self-Revelation?

Dystopias are often demonstrations of the calamity mankind has the ability to cast on one another. Aswell, they usually tend to reveal a truth about mankind and power. A question often asked in the world is: “Are people naturally born good or evil?” This has been a great predicament that has had people forming their own theories and approaches to answering that very question, hence the cause for the many dystopian stories we’ve all heard. In Lord of The Flies by William Golding, that same question can be identified throughout the story in its entirety. Lord of The Flies is a captivating new take on a dystopian situation in the mere fact that the “civilians” consist of only children ranging from ages of 6 to 12 years old, it takes place on a virgin island, and no adults are present for the majority of the narrative. This kind of dystopia is used by Golding to reveal man’s biggest secret. Through Golding’s perspective, a reader can agree that man’s biggest secret would be that all mankind is evil and savage at their core. Civilization has allowed for mankind to develop governments, morals, and order, but by removing such aspects that allow for civilization to flourish, man will perish due to their own evil within them. Literary devices that Golding uses to prove, or help him, reveal man’s biggest secrets consist of sneaky Biblical allusions, heavy symbolism, and a variety of irony. Such devices are present
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