Lord Of The Flies Essay On Bullying Analysis

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In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, the book showed how Piggy and some of the little ones got bullied. When Ralph met Piggy on the island Piggy said that the people in his school called him Piggy, so Ralph started calling him piggy and so did everyone else. In this day and age bullying still isn’t ok. It’s never been ok to bully other kids. Bullying really does hurt other kids feelings and that’s not ok. We think that it is the schools and parents place to stop bullying. If the school confronts it but the parents don’t, their child will think it’s ok to bully other kids at home instead of at school. When people witness bullying they should stand up for the kid getting bullied and make the bully stop.

The definition of bullying is: use superior strength or influence to
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Most of all young kids will stop taking their own lives because of it.

When kids get bullied and the bullies make bad choices. “Children who bullied and their victims were more likely to engage in violent behaviors.” (Brodyjan,1). This is one reason why bullying needs to stop. Because of the bullies and the kids who are getting bullied are getting involved in violent behaviors

Even being out of school bullying still happens. “The greatest risk for engaging in violence related acts was found among boys who bullied others when they were away from school”. (Brodyjan,2). During break or the weekends kids still get bullied. That’s not a surprise, but who would’ve thought that the parents would teach them right from wrong.

Bullying happens most the time on the school bus “Bullying is hugely a product of circumstance , and that’s why too much focus on the individual psychology of the bullying group”. (Klein,2) If there’s a group of kids (Bullies) the just focus on one kid the whole time, and unfortunately we don’t see a lot of kids try to stop it. Maybe one day a kid will finally try to get the bullying to stop if they see it and stand up for the kid that is getting
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