Lord Of The Flies Essay On Why People Are Born Evil

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Man Born Evil People argue that some men were born evil while others were born innocent. Society plays a big part on changing people to either be corrupt or civilized. Individuals who are corrupted and need society to keep them civilized is due to them facing a challenge that could have happened when they were born. Man is born evil and needs society to keep him civilized due to survival because they're fearful, mental issues since it changes their behavior and racism which teaches them hate. To start off man is born evil because they only focus on themselves and no one else when it comes to surviving. In the novel The Lord of the Flies, to survive they didn’t care about breaking the rules which made them corrupt because they didn’t take them into consideration (91). The point being made here is survival plays apart in men born evil and need society to keep them civilized because as they try to survive they don’t care about the rule breaking when it’s the only thing keeping them together and not against each other. As fear is part of surviving they’ll do anything, even the…show more content…
Racism makes a person to be evil because they were born into a rich family with luxury goods; therefore when they see a colored poor person they automatically feel superior.(“Racial and Religious Hatred: A History of the Ku Klux Klan” 1). This evidence proves that some people are born into racism because they were not taught to be respectful to those less fortunate than them and they grow up to hate on those who aren’t like them. Unfortunately colored people started off as slaves; when they acted for their rights the KKK was created to start violence against them so they could not obtain their rights (“Rights and Religious Hatred: A History of the Ku Klux Klan” 1). On the other hand racism is taught due to the KKK who make people change their point of view and teach them hate for colored
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