Lord Of The Flies Essay Questions

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In the book, Ralph asks Piggy on p. 139 “What makes things break up like they do?” This question is how Jack believed that Ralph was not a good leader, he wanted to overtake him so he went off in his own. In the book, The Lord of The Flies, the boys encountered the “beast.” Jack tries to form a meeting by blowing the conch. He argues saying how Ralph shouldn’t be chief anymore, but nobody listens to him so Jack storms off. While Ralph and Piggy were trying to figure out a solution to be rescued, Jack had his boys already going out hunting. Ralph was starting to “miss” Jack saying he would come back when it’s sunset. Ralph didn 't realize they all left until later. In the meantime, Simon wasn’t technically believing…show more content…
We are trapped in one place and we all won’t always agree to what we have to do in order to be rescued. We all have our opinions, at the end of the day we should all just help each other and work together. Things break up like they do because we all have different ideas and opinions that not everyone would agree with. This makes others frustrated. For example, on page 127, Jack stated "Who thinks Ralph oughtn 't to be chief?" He looked expectantly at the boys ranged round, who had frozen. Under the palms there was deadly silence. "Hands up," said Jack strongly, "whoever wants Ralph not to be chief?" Nobody respond to Jack, which got him angry that nobody agreed to him so he left. However, things can work out too, doesn 't necessarily mean that things never work out. Ralph and his "team" agreed when Piggy mentioned they can make a fire on the mountain. When Piggy thought of this idea, everyone got happy including the littuns ' jumping, dancing, and singing. This brought leadership skills or an idea on what to do which brought their "team" together. While Jack and his "team" were hunting and got something to eat for everyone that he offered even though he was trying to get people on his side, but he wasn 't letting them
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