Lord Of The Flies Fear Analysis

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In the novel Lord of the Flies written by William Golding there are a group of boys who are stranded on the island. They have to figure out to survive and to be rescued. They elect a “Chief” and start to gather food and water and build houses. They eventually figure out how to make a fire to make a smoke signal so that they have a chance of being rescued. But one night while two of the little uns were watching the fire a beast attacked them and chased them away from the fire. This is helps move the plot along making the boys fear the beast and to have the urge to kill the beast in order to eliminate their fear on the island. When people are introduced in to the presence of fear by a large power or person they are alright at first they can handle everything at first. But as time goes on the fear and power intensifies to the point of thinking that the person is going to die causes the person who is experiencing the fear do things he or she would not normally do. Especially when the person 's life is at risk because the fear is so bad. A few thing that the person would do is cause corruption in the ones around them, betray the over all power, and try to seize power from the overall power in order to eliminate the fear that has caused so much pain. The one problem is when there is to much power in one person the community or civilization will crumble and be no more. Since the ruler has so much power others will start to live in fear and eventually the civilization will fall and
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