Lord Of The Flies Figurative Language

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IMAGERY William Golding’s uses figurative language throughout Lord of the Flies to make the characters and plot become animate in the reader’s mind. It leads the audience to a better understanding of the setting and events, and therefore, is more entertaining. Metaphors are a piece of imagery used commonly throughout Lord of the Flies. A metaphor is used in describing the beach when the boys first land on the island. “The beach between the palm terrace and the water was a thin stick” (10). This metaphor is comparing the beach to a thin stick, implying that the land is extremely small and narrow. Similes are also found throughout the novel. When describing Jack’s actions as he tries trying to kill a pig, it was said, “He was down like a sprinter” (48). This comparison describes Jack as low to the ground and acting cautiously so as to not scare the pigs away. …show more content…

With an effort to try and force Ralph outside of the thicket, Jack’s tribe heaves a large rock into the air. As a result of the rock landing onto the ground, “The roots screamed as they came out of the earth together” (194). Although the roots did not actually scream, the author uses this figuratively to express the great noise that is produced as the earth is ripped from the ground. The author uses onomatopoeia occasionally throughout the novel to draw in the reader’s sense of hearing. The sound created when stones were thrown was, “A faint zup” (180). The reader’s hearing and visual sense are combined to intrigue and further entertain the

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