Lord Of The Flies Fire Analysis

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The Symbol of Fire and it’s change with the boys Our emotionally blinded world often turns to the sweetest things, completely oblivious to the harm it can bring upon us. When no adult survives the plane crash that sends a group of british boys stranded on an island, the responsibility of survival and rescue is upto them. William Golding in Lord of the Flies uses the symbol of fire to represent the quick changing nature of these isolated boys. The symbol changes from a signal fire to being neglected by the group to have it misused by them to make a death fire closely relating to the boys’ deep will to be rescued to their slow change to savage behaviours before turning into complete savages due to the lost of contact with civilization. In the beginning, the fire was a signal to catch the attention of any ships passing by, representing the boy 's drive and hope for rescue. When their chief, Ralph mentioned an approach for rescue, “We must make a fire!” it instantly became extremely crucial, showing how the group is thinking rationally with the organisation of civilization still close to them (Golding 38). The boys took responsibility for their rescue, the quote “Each party of boys added a quota, less or more, and the pile grew” shows the contribution and enthusiasm the group had towards keeping the fire going (Golding 40). During this they had a vision of what to do in order to get rescued by lighting the fire. From the first fire itself Golding gives the readers an
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