Lord Of The Flies Foreshadowing Quotes

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The effect of isolation on a group of boys who are stranded on an island after a catastrophic event. Two British boys get stranded on an island and end up trying to survive with different and horrifying situations with themselves or among others. A storm builds over the island, Simon finds the paratrooper’s body and realizes it’s true identity. He heads to Jack’s camp to give everyone the news about the beastie, meanwhile, Ralph and Piggy realize that the the biguns were loyal to Ralph so out of curiosity and hunger, they end up going to Jack’s camp. Jack, then, orders a dance in response to the downpour; Simon crawls out of the forest and tries to tell them about the beastie’s true identity but the boys end up having a crave of killing and kill Simon. As the rain increases and the boys leave, the tide carries Simon’s body away. They both connect because it shows how these boys, who are stranded on an island, have to overcome obstacles and go through different realizations like…show more content…
“The dark sky was shattered by a blue-whale scar. [...] The chant rose a tone in agony” (Golding 118). “Again the blue-whale scar jagged above them and the sulphurous explosion beat down. The littluns screamed and blundered about, fleeing from the edge of the forest, and one of them broke the ring of biguns in his terror” (Golding 118). Foreshadowing gives the reader a moment of realization to what might or will happen during the story continues. In Lord of the Flies, it gives that suspense of terror to what’s happening during the chant of the savages and Simon, who’s trying to tell everyone the true identity of the beastie. This connects to the theme because foreshadowing can give the reader of sense of something interesting that gets them hook on the book and have the crave to learn about what is going to happen next, given the hints before the action
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