Lord Of The Flies Internal Conflict Analysis

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When people think of an internal struggle they typically think of a devil and an angel on either shoulder whispering in both your ears telling you do you the good or the bad thing. Maybe people don’t realize that this is a very real thing. Minus the angel and devil aspect that is. The thought of Internal conflict within individuals has been discussed for a long time. How often do people think about doing the wrong thing? Do people regret doing the right thing? There is a show called “What would you do” it's about posing a situation that is not morally “right”, then watching how the people around react. When people in the show stand up for a young worker being sexually harassed by her boss or when they confront a pregnant woman drinking, they…show more content…
When Jack wanted hunt, he was worried that no one thought he could, that people thought that he was weak. He pushed himself to kill the pig and became obsessed. Jack was obsessed with the power it made him feel and the power that he thought he inherited with the group. When Jack pauses the first time they went hunting, it's proof that he couldn’t kill at first, he had to become “zoned” in and disassociate himself with the actual hunting before he could make his first kill. Once he overcame his fear of killing his humanity, he was able to not only kill pigs, but also kill people, and be okay with it. When the group was up on the mountain looking for the pig they came up with a game, one of the boys plays the pig and the group chants and tries to kill the pig. Ralph was there when they first came up with the game, Ralph who is supposed to represent the “good” even lost himself. People seem to think that since they are with a group and everyone else is doing it that it is okay. The only people who honestly thought for themselves in this group are Piggy, Ralph, Simon, and Jack. Though most of Jack and Ralph's thoughts were influenced by how the group would see
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