Analyzing the Innateness of Human Nature in 'Lord of the Flies'

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Lord of the Flies : Is human nature innate

' I believe that man suffers from an appalling ignorance of his own nature '. William Golding , 'The Writer in His Age '

William Golding was born in England in 1911. He studied at Oxford University, studying science and then British literature. After the Second World War he worked as a teacher for a long time.In 1954 he published his first novel, Lord of the Flies.Golding has a great reputation and he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1983.He died of heart failure on 19 June 1993 at Perranarworthal ,Cornwall.
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Golding tells how human nature is savagery and darkness in his novel.

Lord of the Flies shows that even pure and clean children can be wild, and that their ambition may be a slaver, just like the elders.Over time, people tend to be predisposed to themself inside.Lord of the Flies, which provide us to query and think,seems like a simple matter, but it contains a lot of things inside.

He wanted to explain how people were never quite what you thought they were (290/75). Every man has both goodness and evil. Little by little, but we always know that you are a bad person and you are well. Some of them were bad and they were bad or their good side was too much and they were good . What is influential in the formation of such a person is the education and social life given by family .In this book, however, Simon is one
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