Microcosem In Lord Of The Flies

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As long as humans are different wars will natraly brak out. Wars happen for many difrent resons. Early civilazations had wars for resorses. For much time in Europ the countrys fought over teariorys. Other wars are fought becouse of a two difrent ideas by two countres. And some wars are fought over because of a simple misunderstanding. In the novel Lord of the Flies early wars shows up as a microcosem. The thing that the two tribes (Ralph's and Jack's) are fighting over is leadership and fire. A microcosem is a small reprsentation for a larg scal thing. Microcosems of the set up for a war and the acual war show up in Lord of the Flies.
In the novel there is a lot of times that show sighs a starting of a war. In the chapter three Jack and
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One microcosem is preperation of the inexskeable war, Robert shows the power of the bolder to Roger. This shows the development of more powerful wepons. When Robert is showing off the contraption Golding describes, "a full effort would sent the rock thundering down to the neck of land" (159). Many times the develepment of wepond happens douring wars, expeshaly during WWI and WWII and it happens in Lord of the Flies with the devepment of droping a rock on enemys. After the big battle on chapter eleven a the end of the book Ralph strikes at Jack and than runs away while being atacted by the boys. That is a microcosem of retreting in battle. The novel describes, "Ralph turned and ran" (181). With Piggy being killed and the twins being tied up as prisinors it makes sence that Ralph would run away, scine he was the last one in his tribe. Many times in battles in real life soilders offen retreat because they aare outnumbed. When Ralph is hidding in the busses Jack's tribe lights where Ralph is so that they can get him out and kill him. What Jack's tribe didn't relise is that the fire would burn all the fruit so they probaly couldn't eat. This is a microcosem of the cold war between the United States and the Sovet Union. Both sides could destoy eachother and if they did so their would be drastic clamet changes that would leed to a lack of reasouses. Ralph thinks when he relises the lit the island on fire, "The fools! The fire must be almost at the fruit ― what would they eat tomorrow?" (198). This act during the boys battle is like a posabel event that could happened if war broke out between two world powers with atomic wepons. The events in the the Lord of the Flies can be compared with the events of
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